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Polish Ancestry

Family historians, this section of my site is devoted to Polish genealogy, primarily the ancestry of my maternal grandparents and their emigration from Poland to the United States. As many members of my Polish family settled in Western Massachusetts, I'm putting emphasis upon the Polish communities in that area. Please visit the surname pages linked below in order to read about individual ancestors and related families. Other surnames connected to my Polish ancestry are Kuligowski, Nawrocki, and Romanowski. The Romanowski family lived in Lodz, Poland.
Surnames Primary Locations
Ciesielski Zalesie (parish of Glinojeck), Poland
Dziubek Weglew (Wenglewo), Poland
Fabiszak(Fabisak) Hollis, Queens, New York; Kawnice (or Krasnica), Poland; Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts; Weglew (Wenglewo), Poland
Krasinski Paczkowo (parish of Szrensk), Poland
Kubienski Parish of Szrensk, Poland
Leczynski Golina (Konin), Poland
Purzycki Zalesie (parish of Glinojeck), Poland
Rogowski Luszewo and Zalesie (parish of Glinojeck), Poland; Nadratowo and Paczkowo (parish of Szrensk), Poland
Stankiewicz Golina (Konin), Poland; Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts; Weglew (Wenglewo), Poland
Stempkowski Ciechanow, Poland; Czarnocin, Poland; Garwarz (parish of Glinojeck), Poland; Haydenville (Williamsburg), Hampshire County, Massachusetts; Hollis, Queens, New York; Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
Stryjewski Paczkowo (parish of Szrensk), Poland

Ancestry Around Glinojeck (Near Ciechanow), Poland (list of names and dates) New!

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