Ancestor Research for Weaver Family Branches
Photographs of Flowers, Interiors, and Landscapes

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  • Bush of lilacs

    Bush of Lilacs

  • Bush of rhododendrons

    Bush of Rhododendrons

  • Colorful flowers of the Emily Dickinson Museum

    Colorful Flowers of the Emily Dickinson Museum (Amherst, Massachusetts)

  • Explosion of color, Yankee Candle flower arrangement

    Explosion of Color, Yankee Candle Flower Arrangement (South Deerfield, Massachusetts)

  • Floral display in an interior

    Floral Display in an Interior

  • Flowering bush, Paradise City Arts Festival

    Flowering Bush, Paradise City Arts Festival (Northampton, Massachusetts)

  • Group of flowers in blue, white, and yellow

    Flowers in Blue, White, and Yellow

  • Red flowers on Woodlawn Avenue

    Flowers on Woodlawn Avenue (Northampton, Massachusetts)

  • Red rose on a porch

    Red Rose on a Porch

  • Roses


  • Roses, another view

    Roses, Another View

  • Two pink flowers

    Two Pink Flowers

  • Two red bushes

    Two Red Bushes

  • Two red flowers

    Two Red Flowers

  • Yellow-orange rose, closed

    Yellow-Orange Rose, Closed

  • Yellow-orange rose, open

    Yellow-Orange Rose, Open

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  • Fiery glass dragonfly

    Fiery Glass Dragonfly

  • Foggy glass dragonfly

    Foggy Glass Dragonfly

  • Glass paperweight collection

    Glass Paperweight Collection

  • Glass paperweights glowing

    Glass Paperweights Glowing

  • Group of glass paperweights

    Group of Glass Paperweights

  • Reflections in glass paperweights

    Reflections in Glass Paperweights

  • Abstract art photograph of an autumn tree

    Abstract Autumn Tree

  • Trees showing a variety of autumn colors

    Autumn Colors

  • Colorful autumn scene

    Autumn Scene

  • Group of trees in autumn

    Autumn Trees

  • Field in autumn

    Field in Autumn

  • View of a fiery sunset and wintry trees

    Fiery Sunset and Wintry Trees

  • Ghostly lighthouse

    Ghostly Lighthouse

  • Golden autumn tree

    Golden Autumn Tree

  • Icy winter on Barrett Street

    Icy Winter on Barrett Street (Northampton, Massachusetts)

  • Ducks on Paradise Pond

    Paradise Pond Ducks, Smith College (Northampton, Massachusetts)

  • Small tree before a group of tall trees

    Tall Trees and Small Tree

Photographs of Ancestry and Western Massachusetts Locations

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