Ancestor Research for Weaver Family Branches
Mystery Ancestors in Weaver Family Research

Mystery ancestors are the "brick walls" of my research into Weaver family branches. Thus far, I've been unable to find the documents I need to learn more about the lives and parentage of the ancestors listed in the section below.

Mystery Ancestor Research Problems

  • Richard Baker
    A Richard Baker was the father of Daniel Baker of Northampton and Dryden (Baker Family of New York State). The 1830 United States Federal Census for Northampton (part of Montgomery County at the time) lists a Richard Baker and a number of other Baker individuals (including Elisha, Gilbert, Seth, and Thomas). This Richard appears to have been between forty and fifty years old, the probable age range for Daniel's father. Does this listing refer to the right Richard Baker? The listing of a Thomas Baker refers to a man who was between seventy and eighty years old. Does this entry refer to Daniel's grandfather? More research is necessary.
  • John Fowler (Grocer of Malmesbury, Wiltshire County, England)
    John Fowler (Fowler Family of Malmesbury, England), Elizabeth Whittingham Fowler's grandfather, was born about 1772 (aged 87 years at his death in 1859). According to the 1851 census, he was born in Malmesbury. However, I've been unable to locate his birth record. I found his marriage record among the microfilmed register entries of Malmesbury's Parish of St. Paul. The entry shows that a John Fowler married an Ann Player on September 29, 1803. John Fowler died on October 21, 1859, in Malmesbury.
  • Thomas Meldrum
    An entry for Thomas Meldrum (Meldrum Family of New York State) appears on the 1860 United States Federal Census for Watervliet, Berrien County, Michigan. Family legend suggests that he left his family about that time. Although I have documents pertaining to his wife and children after 1860, I've been unable to locate documents relating to Thomas.

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