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John Fowler (Shoemaker of Malmesbury, England)

John Fowler, husband of Martha Callaway and father of Elizabeth Whittingham Fowler, was a shoemaker on High Street in Malmesbury, Wiltshire County, England. His birth record, which is part of the Protestant Dissenters' Registry, shows that he was born on January 02, 1814, in Malmesbury. John's parents were John Fowler and Ann Player Fowler. The event was registered on March 04, 1828, at the Dissenters Library of Rev. Daniel Williams in London. [Record of the Birth, on January 02, 1814, of John Fowler (Registered at Dr. Williams's Library, Red Cross Street, Cripplegate, London, England: March 04, 1828), PRO RG 5/116:39. (<>) online database. Accessed on April 15, 2008.] In the informant column of Elizabeth Whittingham Fowler's 1845 birth record, "Jun." is specified after "John Fowler" to distinguish between Elizabeth's father and her grandfather. The senior John Fowler was the High Street grocer who, according to the 1851 Census for England, lived close to Elizabeth's father and his family. I lack records regarding the parents of the senior John Fowler.
The junior John Fowler married Martha Callaway on January 23, 1834, in Malmesbury. Martha and John had seven children, six sons and one daughter (Elizabeth). John died on March 31, 1856. [Certified copy of a death entry for John Fowler (Register of Deaths, 1856, in Malmsbury East, Wiltshire County, England; copy issued on November 10, 2006, at the General Register Office), DYB 238720.] He was buried on April 06, 1856. [Malmesbury Parish Records.] The seven Fowler children were not baptized until July 20, 1856, several months after John's death. [Malmesbury Parish Records.]

Fowler Family of Malmesbury, England

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