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John Calloway

John Calloway of Westbury in Wiltshire County, England, was baptized on June 06, 1750, as recorded in Westbury church records. He is listed as a son of Samuel and Mary Calloway. [Westbury, England, Church Records.] John married in 1775. According to Westbury church records, Thomas Hewitt, Vicar, performed the marriage of John Calloway and Mary Holdaway on June 05, 1775. [Westbury Church Records.] John and Mary were the parents of Samuel Callaway (born at the end of 1783) and the grandparents of Martha Callaway (born on August 10, 1816). On January 23, 1817, John Calloway was buried in Westbury. [Westbury Church Records.]

Other Westbury "Births in the Year 1750" (Partial List of Entries, Westbury Church Records)

  • Henry Noble (son of Isaac and Elizabeth Noble): bap. April 04

  • Walter Carter (son of James and Sarah Carter): bap. May 05

  • Elizabeth Salisbury (daughter of Edward and Sarah Salisbury): bap. June 01

  • Catharine Dowden (daughter of Samuel and Sarah Dowden): bap. June 04

  • John Carrier (son of Samuel and Elizabeth Carrier): bap. June 06

  • Sarah Bigwood (daughter of Richard and Martha Bigwood): bap. June 06

  • Thomas West (son of John and Elizabeth West): bap. June 06

  • John Farr (son of Joseph and Mary Farr): bap. June 20

  • Hannah Mead (daughter of Robert and Sarah Mead): bap. June 20

  • Elizabeth Parker (daughter of John and Alice Parker): bap. June 24

  • Thomas Burges (son of Thomas and Mary Burges): bap. July 03

  • Edward Brown (son of Michael Brown): bap. July 10

  • Elias Burbage (son of Elias and Susannah Burbage): bap. July 22

  • Elizabeth Brown (daughter of John and Elizabeth Brown): bap. August 01

  • James Hancock (son of James and Eleanor Hancock): bap. August 03

Callaway Family of Wiltshire County, England

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