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Jane (Jennie) Elizabeth Baker of New York

Family notes reveal that Jane Elizabeth Baker was born on July 21, 1884, in Ithaca, New York. Her parents were George W. Baker and Sabrina Meldrem (probably Meldrum) Baker. A handwritten note suggests that Jane was named after George's mother, Sarah Jane Gifford Baker, and, to avoid confusion, the family adopted the name Jennie. Evidently, at some point, Sarah Jane lived with George and his family. I have a small collection of Jane's genealogy research papers, mostly notes (by her) and letters (to her). This collection indicates that Jane liked to investigate her family history, particularly the genealogy of the Gifford branch, and conducted research from the 1920s through the 1940s (and possibly until her death in 1957). A 1942 letter from Roy E. Fowler suggests that she acquired at least some of her interest in genealogy from Dr. Eugene Baker, one of George's brothers.
My earliest census reference to the family comes from the 1892 New York State Census for Caroline, Tompkins County. Jane is listed with her parents and her only sibling, Cora, who, according to family notes, was born on June 14, 1887. My next census reference to Jane comes from the 1900 United States Federal Census for Ithaca and shows that she was attending school while boarding at Dr. Eugene Baker's West Seneca Street home.
Jane married Philip Victor Weaver on October 17, 1906. I have Jane and Philip's original wedding book, which includes a marriage announcement and a newspaper article describing the ceremony. The wedding, which was held in the evening and was officiated by Rev. E. J. Rosengrant, took place at 410 North Albany Street, Jane's home address, in Ithaca. [Original wedding book containing unattributed newspaper clipping, marriage announcement, and marriage certificate.] Soon after the ceremony, the couple left Ithaca for Glen Cove on Long Island, the location of Philip's practice as a veterinarian. Jane and Philip had three sons and spent many years on Long Island before moving to Greenwich, Washington County, about 1920. On June 18, 1957, Jane Baker Weaver died in a Cambridge hospital. Having outlived her husband by about ten years, she was buried on June 21, 1957, in Greenwich Cemetery. [Obituary of Mrs. Philip V. Weaver, June 19, 1957.]

Baker Family of New York State

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