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Fowler Family Neighbors in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England

According to the 1851 Census for England (Malmesbury, Wiltshire County), John Fowler Sr., Elizabeth Whittingham Fowler's grandfather, was a grocer on High Street. John Jr., who employed four men, was a maker of boots and shoes. James, Elizabeth's uncle, was a cordwainer. Please view the following section for a random sampling of the Fowler family's neighbors and fellow tradespeople living on High Street in Malmesbury during the middle of the nineteenth century. Information above and on the first list below was derived from the 1851 Census for England, and information on the second list below was culled from Pigot & Co.'s Directory of Berks, Bucks ... [Part 2: Hants to Wilts, & Wales] (short title), 1844, <> ("Historical Directories", a University of Leicester project).

Fowler Family Neighbors on High Street (1851 Census)

  • Charles Barnes (a labourer, 63 years old; Ann, his wife, 60 years old; children: James, Henry, Jane)

  • Phoebe Borer (a lady, 64 years old; Charles, her son and a revenue officer, 37 years old)

  • Richard Clark (a farmer, 40 years old; Elizabeth, his wife, 38 years old; children: Elizabeth, Richard, Curtis)

  • William Fullaway (a plaisterer, 38 years old; Sarah, his wife, 39 years old; children: Ayliffe, Phoebe, Lucy)

  • David Godwin (a traveler, 36 years old; Jane, his wife, 37 years old; child: Mary Jane)

  • James Grant (a rope maker, 84 years old; Priscilla, his daughter, 40 years old)

  • Richard Hulbert (a groom, 37 years old; Lydia, his wife, 37 years old; children: Harriett, Joseph, Ruben, Rachael)

  • James Machin (a carrier, 36 years old; Elizabeth, his wife, 34 years old)

  • George Moore (a dealer, 31 years old; Jane, his wife, 31 years old; children: Sarah Ann, Fanny, Mary Jane)

High Street Tradespeople (Pigot, 1844)

  • John Brunsdon (a baker and flour dealer); Robert Clark (a beer retailer); John Willis (a blacksmith); William Hancock (a bookseller); Richard Reynolds (a brazier and tinman); Thomas Luce (a brewer); William Beard (a butcher)

  • Israel Silverstone (a clothes dealer); Thomas Pinnell (a coal and slate merchant); Isaac Peters (a cooper)

  • William Panting (a furniture broker)

  • John Pinnell (an innkeeper); John Humphrys (an ironmonger)

  • Samwell Hanks (a rope and twine maker)

  • Charles Reeves (a saddler); John Player (a shopkeeper); James Fry (a sieve maker); Sarah Hanks (a straw hat maker)

  • Thomas Bailey (a tailor); John Hill (a tallow chandler); Thomas Pratt (a turner)

  • George Godwin (a veterinary surgeon)

  • Henry Ponting (a wine and spirit merchant)

Fowler Family of Malmesbury, England

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