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Daniel Baker of Dryden, New York

Daniel Baker was born about March 14, 1814. According to page 1418 of the Genealogical and Family History of Western New York, a three-volume record compiled by William Richard Cutter, Daniel was a son of Richard Baker of Northampton, Fulton County, and a woman with the surname Downing. [William Richard Cutter, comp., Genealogical and Family History of Western New York (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1912), 1418.] Daniel married Sarah Jane Gifford. The National Archives and Records Administration has a very informative file of documents pertaining to Sarah Jane's 1884 pension application. Based upon the Civil War death of Charles S. Baker, the firstborn son of Daniel and Sarah Jane, the application includes Sarah Jane's pension declaration, which was executed on June 13, 1884. This document reveals that Sarah Jane and Daniel were married by Charles A. Baker, Justice of the Peace, on December 19, 1843, at Mayfield, Fulton County. [Sarah Jane Baker's Declaration for an Original Pension, Case of Sarah J. Baker (United States Pension Bureau Claim No. 316828, filed on June 19, 1884).] The application file and family notes contain a great deal of information about Daniel and his family. Before moving to Tompkins County in the early 1860s, Daniel and Sarah Jane had Charles and five other children. The other children were Oscar C. Baker, John B. Baker, Eugene Baker, Emma S. Baker, and George W. Baker.
A certificate contained in Sarah Jane's pension application file refers to a Deed dated December 14, 1863. By this Deed, Daniel Baker purchased a lot consisting of one hundred acres in Dryden, Tompkins County. [Certificate of Tompkins County Clerk's Office, February 12, 1889, Case of Sarah J. Baker (United States Pension Bureau Claim No. 316828, filed on June 19, 1884).] Sarah Jane's file includes information about Daniel's physical condition over a number of years. Afflicted by chronic rheumatism, Daniel became unable to fully support his family. Sarah Jane partially depended upon Charles, who, on October 31, 1864, died during his Civil War service. [Declaration for an Original Pension.] Daniel Baker executed his Will on August 16, 1889, and died on September 02, 1889. [Will of Daniel Baker, proved on November 01, 1889, Tompkins County Surrogate's Court, Ithaca, New York.] The family burial plot is located in Caroline Grove Cemetery, Caroline, New York.

Baker Family of New York State

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