Ancestor Research for Weaver Family Branches
Callaway Family of Wiltshire County, England

The Callaway family of Wiltshire County lived in and around Malmesbury and Westbury. Martha Callaway, wife of John Fowler (shoemaker), was a daughter of Samuel Callaway and a granddaughter of John Calloway (Callaway). Take a look at the following table for birth and death information regarding these individuals. The records include various spellings of the surname Callaway.
Name Date of Birth Birth Location Date of Death Death Location
Martha Callaway Aug. 10, 1816 (christened on Feb. 11, 1819; registered on Feb. 23, 1819) Corsham, England (registered at; born in or around Beanacre, near Melksham) Apr. 06, 1871 Malmesbury, England
Samuel Callaway Cir. Dec. 1783 (baptized on Aug. 14, 1785, at one year and three quarters) Westbury, England Mar. 09, 1863 Malmesbury, England
John Calloway June 06, 1750 (baptized on) Westbury, England Jan. 23, 1817 (buried on) Westbury, England
Samuel Calloway Early 1700s England (probably Westbury) Unknown Unknown

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