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Brownell Family of New England

This section of my site is devoted to the family history of the following: Ama Brownell of Colchester, Vermont; Ichabod Brownell, her father; and Aaron Brownell of Little Compton, Rhode Island, her grandfather. Please take a look at the table below for birth and death dates and associated locations. Sources of the information in the table can be found on the linked pages.
Name Date of Birth Birth Location Date of Death Death Location
Ama Brownell Cir. 1778 Conn. (probably Canaan) Mar. 23, 1844 Colchester, Vt. (buried in Munson Cemetery, Colchester, Vt.)
Ichabod Brownell Aug. 30, 1750 Little Compton, R. I. Jan. 04, 1814 Colchester, Vt. (probably at Winooski Falls; buried in Greenmount Cemetery, Burlington, Vt.)
Aaron Brownell Aug. 11, 1722 Little Compton, R. I. (then Mass.) Sept. 17, 1754 Little Compton, R. I.
Jeremiah Brownell Oct. 10, 1689 Little Compton, R. I. (then Mass.) June 1756 (Will proved on June 29, 1756) Little Compton, R. I.
Thomas Brownell 1650 Portsmouth, R. I. May 18, 1732 (Will proved on June 20, 1732) Little Compton, R. I. (then Mass.)
Thomas Brownell June 05, 1608 (baptized on) Rawmarsh, England (baptized at) Sept. 24, 1664 R. I. (in or near Portsmouth)

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