Ancestor Research for Weaver Family Branches


Family historians, you're visiting the home page of my genealogy site, the goal of which is to provide family history information for two areas of research. The primary purpose of this site is to present the results of my investigations into a branch of Weaver ancestry and the ancestries of connected families. Pinpointing location is an important aspect of family history research. The surname information found on this site is organized by location and includes ancestors from Canada, Great Britain, Poland, and the United States (particularly New England and New York). Please visit the location pages to access these surnames and to view the primary locations associated with each family branch.
The secondary purpose of this site is to present genealogical and historical information concerning the cities and towns of Western Massachusetts. My current focus is upon the area in and around Amherst, Hadley, and Northampton, Hampshire County. I'm presenting this information, as well as all other content on my site, as a research aid only. You should always seek original sources, or the most scholarly secondary sources, in order to verify your research results and obtain the most accurate and thorough information possible.


Amherst Genealogy in Around a Village Green (Mary Adele Allen's Amherst, Massachusetts, memoir)

Hadley, Massachusetts, Names in 1909 Souvenir (Historic Hadley, Quarter Millennial Souvenir)

Names in Sarah Jane Baker's Pension Application File (New York Civil War claim of Sarah Jane Gifford Baker)

Ancestry Around Glinojeck (Near Ciechanow), Poland (list of names and dates)

Genealogy research is an ongoing process. Although I'm an accurate and thorough researcher, I'm not a professional genealogist. Therefore, please consider the information on this site within the context of your own research. I'm planning to add information as my research progresses. Contact me!

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